San Clemente Island Whale Watching

From USD $239.00
  • Duration: 10 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Newport Beach, CA
  • Product code: P2CJHJ
This is a one-of-a-kind trip, 10 hours on the ocean searching far and wide for rare sightings near San Clemente or Santa Barbara Island. We will only undertake this Expedition in calm weather. 

In the deep water basins surrounding San Clemente and Santa Barbara Island, odds increase (from "minuscule" on a 2 hour trip to "potential" on a 10 hour) that we encounter the following animals:

Killer Whales

Cuvier's Beaked Whales

Baird's Beaked Whales 

Pilot Whales 

Sperm Whales 

Northern Right Whale Dolphins 

Dall's Porpoise 

False Killer Whales

Sei Whales

In addition, more commonly seen inhabitants of deep offshore waters include:

Blue Whales

Fin Whales 

Humpback Whales

Minke Whales 

Gray Whales 

Bryde's Whales 

Risso's Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins 

Common Dolphins 

Pacific White-Sided Dolphins 

In general, we will be guided by this itinerary:

7:30am: Depart Newport Beach



...traveling home...

5:30pm: Return to Newport, later is also possible! 

SUGGESTION: Eat and drink "light" the morning of your trip. Bring ample water and food for yourself.

THINGS TO KNOW: Maximum 5 people per trip. We do not plan on stopping on any of the Islands. This means if you need to use the restroom, you will do so off the back of the boat or on a bucket with a seat on top of it. A privacy curtain is available. You will be outdoors on the back deck, everyone else will be in the cabin with the door closed, with a curtain across the windows. It's safe! 

CANCELLATION POLICY PLEASE READ: If you "no show" on this trip for any reason, full refunds or reschedules are not available. Personal illness, pet illness, traffic conditions, vehicle malfunction, or anything else unforeseen that prevents you from attending, is your business and your financial responsibility. We cannot absorb the opportunity loss of giving refunds to people who don't show, because this trip is costly to operate for us, and we must have our expenses covered. Full refunds are available with more than 24 hours notice before departure time, and in circumstances where weather is judged to be poor.  Within 24 hours from departure if you cancel you can get a 50% refund, or pay an additional 50% of the purchase price to reschedule your reservation to a future trip.